Have you ever been in the position where someone has come to you for advice and you seem to know the answers? Have you then committed the age old crime of not taking your OWN advice even though it's exactly what you need? Yeah, me too...

So this post will be quite different than any of my others as I have been in quite a reflective mood the past week or so. 

I think it's quite natural for us as humans to be nurturing towards others, especially friends and family so we can be quick to provide that shoulder to cry on or be that support system someone may need. It's quite easy to forget what you want, need and forget who you are. It's nice to be there for other people but equally important to focus on yourself for your own peace of mind and general happiness.

When you're wrapped up in other drama, problems, work, or studies it can build up the pressure and you need to let yourself breathe and step back. It allows you to stop stressing, focus and realise what you're doing and why. Let's face it as silly as that sounds,everyday tasks and work work work can become second nature and robotic. I've felt that moment when you snap out of it and just think, hang on what's all this for? 

We become so accustomed to instructions and being told what we need to do, especially institutionally that sometimes you will believe what you can achieve are things that you've been told you can, not because you've actually took the time to find out what your own heart and mind say.

If you do or ever have come to that moment then it can be quite difficult to know where to start? The reason I chose that picture above is because I reckon it sums it up.

Even though this seems a bit all over the place what I'm basically trying to say is what is in the title. Be yourself, not what you've been told by someone else. Don't get me wrong if you have been advised and told and you like it, got for it but make sure it's for you and not for anyone else. Grow organically. By that I mean with your own ambitions, your own thoughts and be confident in your own capabilities.

If you're already there, brilliant. If you're not then remember, you are amazing, beautiful and you can do anything you want! Take some time to yourself, really think and evaluate. Finally remember: 



  1. This is the first blog I've read of yours Safi but you can certainly count me as a fan :) much love x

  2. Aww I love this quote! Your blog is so positive <3 please check out my blog if you can :)



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